Sunday, April 3, 2011

National Poetry Month: 30 New Poems--Poem III

Continuing to share with you 30 poems that are new to me (and maybe you) during National Poetry Month, today we bring you...

Poem for Wisconsin
by Matthew Zapruder

In Milwaukee it is snowing

on the golden statue 

of the 1970s television star

whose television house

was in Milwaukee 

and also on the Comet Cafe

and on the white museum 

the famous Spanish architect 

built with a glass 

elevator through it

and a room with a button

that when you press it

makes two wings

on the sides of the building 

more quickly than you might 

imagine mechanically 

rise like a clumsy

thoughtful bird 

thinking now

I am at last ready 

Read the rest of this poem here.

I really like the one-line stanzas--the way they slow you down, encouraging you to contemplate each and every word so closely. And its rambling nature appeals to me. And I just have a thing for poems with geography references. I'll delve into that another day, I suppose.

Stay tuned for more new poems throughout National Poetry Month!

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