Thursday, March 31, 2011

Women's History Month Poetry Countdown Round-Up

Now that March is concluding, I wanted to provide a round-up of my countdown of the greatest female poets in history. Remember, one criterion was that they could no longer be living. Another was that I think they were awesome. It was tough going at times making choices--a lot of great poets didn't make my list--but it was a ton of fun doing so much reading and research. I hope you enjoyed it, too.

#10--Lucille Clifton
#9--Marianne Moore
#8--Lorine Niedecker
#7--Qiu Jin
#6--Louise Bogan
#5--Denise Levertov
#4--Elizabeth Bishop
#3--Gwendolyn Brooks
#2--Jane Kenyon
#1--Emily Dickinson

Be sure to stay tuned to The Small Nouns for our first every National Poetry Month series starting tomorrow, April 1!

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