Sunday, March 13, 2011

Michigan Reading Association Follow-Up

Just returned home from my presentation at the MRA 2011 conference. My topic, naturally, was poetry.

This is the first time I've presented on this topic and I have to say, it went extraordinarily well. I survived the early time slot (8 AM the day after springing forward!) and the lack of wireless internet (Note to DeVos Place, it's 2011) and emerged unscathed.

I learned that my 75 minute presentation is actually a 90 minute presentation (although going in I thought it might be a 30 minute presentation). That's a really long way of saying I brought too much material and didn't get to it all. Good to know for next time.

If you were in attendance, thanks so much. You were a great audience and I thought the discussion was lively and productive.

And, whether you were there or not, I've created a page on the blog for all my handouts (I'm hoping there will be future presentations...preferably for a sizable fee). Just click "Conference Handouts" at the top of the Blog Home Page.


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  1. Ben, I loved your presentation and feel much more confident about starting my poetry unit tomorrow! Thanks so much for all of the suggestions and resources.