Sunday, October 17, 2010

Revealing My Sources

In my last post, I talked about digging through my bookmarked poems, but I didn't share anything about where I get all these poems. Over the past year, I've found quite a few reliable sources for quality poetry. Most of these might not be new to you, but I'd like to share anyway. (In most cases, I tried to link directly to the sites' RSS feeds.)

American Life in Poetry--Ted Kooser's site that I recently discovered. Their feed delivers a new poem with Kooser's commentary about every week.
The Writer's Almanac--Put together by Garrison Keilor, this site delivers a new poem every day, in addition to other Keilor-esque material. (Trouble with the feed on this one so link goes to main page)
How a Poem Happens--This blog produces new material rather infrequently, but when it does, it's usually pure gold. Posts include a poem and an in-depth interview with its author about its creation. (Not sure about the link to the feed for this one. Here is the main page.)
Poem of the Day from The Poetry Foundation--Pretty much just what it says, brought to you by my beloved Poetry Foundation.
Poetry Daily--Almost always a poem by a poet I've never heard of, but almost always a really thought-provoking, savable gem.
Poetry 180--Billy Collins's site which delivers a poem a day for the entire 180-day school year. These poems pretty much rule.

When I'm searching for poems, I also often use and The Poetry Foundation and their Poetry Tool. I also get really good stuff from the bloggers who post on Poetry Fridays. Check back here most Fridays for links to those posts or check my blogroll. And of course, if I'm missing anything, please comment and add to the list.

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