Friday, May 20, 2011

Poetry Friday: Hiatus Time

I've been avoiding making it official although it's been unofficial for about 3 weeks now, so now I'm making it official (got all that?)--The Small Nouns is taking a hiatus. A little side project I'm working on is taking too much of my time, it seems, to get any poetry blogging done. So I think I'll step back for a bit, continue collecting poems, and return rejuvenated and with plenty of new material sometime later this summer.

Until that time, be sure to peruse The Small Nouns archive. There's plenty of posts to keep you going that you probably haven't seen. Here's one last poem I found that I just love. I hope you feel the same. Seemed like a good "beginning of hiatus" poem and also a good one to mark the unofficial start of spring, which I think just recently happened here in the Great Wet Midwest:

by Kim Addonizio

Watching that frenzy of insects above the bush of white flowers,   
bush I see everywhere on hill after hill, all I can think of   
is how terrifying spring is, in its tireless, mindless replications.   
Everywhere emergence: seed case, chrysalis, uterus, endless manufacturing.
And the wrapped stacks of Styrofoam cups in the grocery, lately
I can’t stand them, the shelves of canned beans and soups, freezers   
of identical dinners; then the snowflake-diamond-snowflake of the rug
beneath my chair, rows of books turning their backs,
even my two feet, how they mirror each other oppresses me,
the way they fit so perfectly together, how I can nestle one big toe into the other
like little continents that have drifted; my God the unity of everything,
my hands and eyes, yours; doesn’t that frighten you sometimes

Read the rest of "Onset" here. And even without The Small Nouns around, there's plenty of poetry to be enjoyed, especially on Poetry Fridays. Today's round up is hosted at The Drift Record. Be sure to check it out. See you soon.

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