Sunday, January 2, 2011

Enter the New Year: Part Two

In my last post, I set forth on my New Year's resolution of blogging more. 60 or so posts in a half a year made for a pretty good debut, but I'd like to do more. My last post also reminded me of another, albeit smaller, resolution I figure out the formatting issues I've been having with my blog posts! When I paste in a poem, the text after it becomes tiny and weird-looking. Very frustrating, but fear not faithful readers, it is a problem I will fix.

Anyway, on to my second, and much more challenging, resolution of writing more. By this I mean writing more poetry. Prose and I will probably never hook up. I am afraid that, at least for now, my dreams of publishing a novel will have to wait. Someday, for sure, but not 2011.

Please enjoy...and let me know what you think...

Enter the New Year

January 2, 2011

enter the too much
the too many attempts
at vows to change to be better
at stopping at quitting at trying
to try again

enter the resolute
movement of days from
trickle to unabated torrent
through aching
grasping fingers

enter the New Year,
flown in on calendar wings
to be better to wash you to clean
you to return you to what
you already were

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