Thursday, August 12, 2010

Winthrop: More Poetry in Music

Ever since my last post about poetic song lyrics, I've been keeping a sharp ear out for more. Came across one song that I have been enchanted by for awhile. It's by Indigo Girls, and it's one you probably haven't heard before. It's called "Winthrop," from their rarities CD, which was released a few years ago.

By Indigo Girls

when we get back to winthrop
a few miles from the airport
on a plastic chair
on a deck where my friends live
i watch the taking off airplanes
i watch the ocean waves crashing
with all of this movement something's got to give

down at the high tide
passed down through the family
the fishermen gather to complain about the catch
they talk about time
they talk about tides
the pull of the moon and the
coffee deep night black
and i listen to them
and i listen to you
and for everyone there is
something never coming back

The "coffee deep night black" line is wonderful, and at the end of the song it 
repeats, but this time as "deep night coffee black." I also enjoy the near rhyme 
of "time" and "tides." 

What you really need to do is listen to it to fully appreciate it. You can 
also find the full lyrics here.

Are there songs that you find especially poetic? My musical expertise is 
certainly limited, and I always welcome suggestions.

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